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What is PackPart?

PackPart is a matching platform that enables manufacturers from the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and industrial goods sectors to find their suitable packaging machine manufacturer in the areas of …

  • Sorting/ Feeding,

  • Filling/ Dosing/ Packaging,

  • Closing,

  • Labelling and,

  • to find end-of-line packaging.

PackPart queries the requirements for the respective packaging machine and automatically compares these with the stored manufacturers. In this way, the searcher gets a selection of suitable packaging machine manufacturers after only a few minutes.

What does a packaging machine cost me?

There is no general answer to this question, as it always depends on the customer’s requirements. The more requirements are placed on the machine, the more expensive the implementation is – that’s a fact!

Nevertheless, you can reach the desired goal with a wide variety of machine solutions. Due to the different approaches of the manufacturers, the prices can vary greatly. Factors such as maintenance, spare parts supply, etc. also flow into the calculation. The greatest leverage lies in the degree of automation of the machine. That’s why we find partners who can supply everything from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic machines.

What are the advantages of the PackPart matching platform?

Streamlined search process:

  1. You register with PackPart free of charge.
  2. PackPart works with you to define your packaging machine requirements using an interactive questionnaire.
  3. PackPart automatically compares these requirements directly with the performance range of packaging machine manufacturers.
  4. This way, you will only be shown suitable manufacturing partners to whom you can send your completed questionnaire directly in the system.

→ Find the right project partner quickly, easily and efficiently!

What information is required for registration?

To register as a user, all you need to do is enter your name, e-mail address, the company you work for and the relevant industry.

In which countries is PackPart active?

PackPart partners are represented throughout Europe, providing a good overview of the European packaging machinery / contract manufacturer market.

How secure is my project data?

Your project data is only transmitted to the manufacturers who select it for transmission.

In addition, your contact details will only be released to the partner if they find the project interesting and accept it.

How do you find the right partners for your project?

PackPart compares your specific project requirements with the range of services offered by the manufacturers on file. If 80% of the information matches, the partner is suggested to you. However, it is still up to you which of these potential partners you want to contact.

If there is no suitable match, you can send your project data to PackPart and our team will search our large network of packaging machine manufacturers/ contract manufacturers for a suitable partner for your project.

How much does it cost to use PackPart?

Registration to find your matching partner is free of charge!

How many packaging machine manufacturers are stored in your system?

We currently have about 50 partners (Europe-wide) who are specialists in the production of

A. Sorting and feeding plants;
B. Filling, dosing and packaging equipment;
C. Sealing equipment;
D. Labelling equipment;
E. Final packaging equipment are.

What is meant by packaging machine manufacturer?

PackPart divides packaging machine manufacturers into 5 divisions:

A. Sorting/feeding
B. Filling/ dosing/ packing
C. Closing
D. Labelling
E. Final packaging

If, for example, you are only looking for a labeller and a final packaging machine for your products, you can select these divisions and only need to enter your requirements for these areas.

How do I contact a partner?

When the matching partners are listed, I can view the profile of the respective partner via the button »Profile view« and click on »Submit project data« at the top right.
The partner then receives all the project data and can accept (if it is interesting for him) or reject the project.

Are my project changes automatically forwarded to the partners?

If I adjust my data or add pictures at a later date, for example, this information is automatically improved for the partner.

Delivery times of a packaging machine?

The delivery times of a packaging machine vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and depending on the project and cannot be determined across the board. For this reason, you should plan your machine investment at an early stage!

Delivery times of a contract filling/ contract manufacturing?

The delivery times of a contract manufacturer, like the delivery times of a packaging machine, cannot be answered in a general way. Depending on the product, the material of the container, the availability of the raw material or the required services, the delivery time can be strongly influenced.

Why should I register with PackPart as a packaging machine manufacturer?

More structured project requests and you can tell directly whether the project would be exciting for me or not.
I receive more project enquiries.
My profile increases because I am suggested to clients for their projects.

What information is required for registration?

To register as a partner, you only have to enter your name, your e-mail address, the company you work for and the respective sector. Furthermore, it is advantageous if you make your complete profile attractive for the user with pictures (logo) and a short company description.

Who is your contact person?

Christian Baumann
Mobile: +49 17657730239

Julian Baumann
Mobile: +49 15253957132

How much will registration cost me?

Registration is completely free of charge.

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