The purchase of a packaging machine means a considerable investment for small and large companies. If the technology remains in operation long enough in the mode of operation purchased, the investment is recouped. Often, however, conversions or completely different machine purchases are necessary. That is why used packaging machines in good condition are for sale at PackPart.

For buyers, this means the chance to upgrade their own operations with good and reliable used machines at low cost via our platform.

Definition: Used machine

A machine in used condition has been used for at least one job after it was purchased new. It may well function perfectly in this condition. Used packaging machines are those for cartons, tubes, bottles, cans and other materials and packaging forms. If there are any weak points, these are eliminated before resale. The buyer thus receives a second-hand packaging machine that has already proven its functionality in practice.

Used machines according to sectors

In various sectors of the industry, packaging machines either need to be retooled or replaced. At PackPart, buyers offer their models from business closures, ongoing operations or bankruptcies. Only those models that have successfully undergone a thorough functional and material test beforehand are put up for resale. Especially in these industries, machine replacement is a regular occurrence:

Food industry

The focus here is on filling machines ...

Filling machines, automatic closing machines or labelling machines are common forms of packaging in the food industry. You will also find used form fill and seal machines for such and similar applications. In mass production, some conveyor belts are also available for sale second-hand due to changes in the packing and sorting lines. It is important for second-hand offers that they meet modern hygiene requirements according to valid food regulations. You can then buy used filling machines, for example, at greatly reduced prices compared to new prices. Commissioning can start immediately after installation in your company.

Chemical industry

Mechanical and thermal influences ...

In the chemical industry, chemical substances and mixtures of substances must be packaged in such a way that the container reliably keeps mechanical and thermal influences away from the contents for a longer period of time. Likewise, rusting or other decomposition of the packaging material by the filled substances must not occur during the storage period. Used filling machines are optimally adapted to the packaging forms commonly used here, such as cans, bottles, canisters and the like. Used machines from this sector can usually be adapted to the packaging requirements in your company.

Cosmetics industry

Jars, bottles or flacons ...

Used packaging machines from the cosmetics industry are suitable for filling cosmetic products into jars, bottles or flacons with sometimes extremely creative special shapes. Likewise, some such used machines fulfil the purpose of wrapping the already filled flacons with the matching box including padding. The standards for such packaging must comply with both the hygiene regulations of the foodstuffs ordinance and the protective regulations of the chemical industry. Some models that have only been on the market for a short time sometimes still have “teething troubles”, i.e. weak points that were overlooked during development. In practice, as a new machine, this is often a reason to reject the machine for this reason. During maintenance for resale, the problem areas can be easily eliminated by the resellers. As a second-hand machine

Industrial goods

Face cream to bricks ...

From face cream to bricks for a house, all transport goods must be suitably packaged. That’s why the range of our used machines also includes sorting and feeding systems, dosing and sealing machines as well as labelling and end-of-line packaging machines.

Are you looking for a suitable and good used machine?

Here you will find the overview of our current used machines.


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Areas for used machines especially in the packaging industry

In layman’s terms, used packaging machines are simply conveyor belts and transport lines with lots of bottles or crates on top and a filling device from above. But as the variety of packaged articles increases, so does the variety of special machines and systems. These variants are used particularly frequently in all branches of industry:

Sorting & Feeding Systems

Sorting and feeding systems are used in the production of automobiles and technical equipment. They provide workpieces and assembly accessories either in an orderly manner in designated removal points or in an unordered manner as bulk material. In the case of used machines, there are models for arranging and stocking, allocating and/or separating workpieces according to the type of workpiece or demand at the assembly station. Here it is advantageous for buyers of second-hand machines that the feed variant can be individually adapted to many different applications by reassembly, for individual orders or the same product series for longer order periods.

Used Filling, Dosing & Packing Machines

Used filling machines fill still or foaming liquids, pasty and powdery textures into the intended packaging. Such models are used dosing machines at the same time. They guide the packaging along an integrated conveyor belt under the filling technology, often seal at the same time after filling and function at the end of the packing line immediately as used packaging machines for preparation ready for dispatch.

Capping machines

Capping machines are used for capping filled bottles, jars, cans, jars or canisters. They press on crown caps, seal can lids airtight or pull screw caps tightly and firmly around the edge of the glass. Used on a conveyor belt, the semi-finished products are conveyed along and at the end checked again for tightness before the final dispatch packaging. Used packaging machines for this production step can be found at PackPart as manual, semi-automatic or automatic versions.

Labelling machines

Used labelling machines are just as nimble and accurate when used as they were when new. Like the filling and capping systems, they not only have to stick labels to straight surfaces, but also reliably affix them to curves and special shapes. The products to be labelled can be cylindrical, conical or flat, the labelling technology can vary between blow-on, wipe-on or tamp-blow. Also, although a heavy used machine means good stability when labelling, it can tire when used for semi-automatic labelling, for example. On the other hand, lightweight labellers are usually small and can be used in different locations. Conversion for different labelling methods is possible without great effort by the industrial mechanic in the company.

End-of-line packaging machines

End-of-line packaging machines are used to wrap sales packaging that is difficult to handle due to its shape. Adapted carton handling systems enable wrapping ready for dispatch after previous partial and full wrapping. New machines for secondary packaging are expensive because of the large number of specialisations. For used form, fill and seal machines or carton handling systems, the price is significantly lower, and the functionality is even optimal because of the previous running time. In good maintenance condition and with individual conversions in the company, they become a versatile process element of efficient mass production and logistics.

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